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So Ive always been a firm believer in Following your “gut” or as I like to call mine the Buddha Belly. 

Mid summer in 2018. Emma just started acting weird... like Mare on crack even producing milk..even though she was on Regumate  & Progesterone. I took her to the local vet in Wichita Falls TX... had a repo work up done because something was just off. Was told she has two huge follicles, & not exactly sure why she was milking. 

Fast forward to Oct/Nov in San Antonio & it came again. Called our new vet out & Finally someone believed me. Our current reg vet went digging. Calling EVERYONE she could getting referrals to who knew what and who specialized in weird Repo issues. Got a plan , got her to finally dry up her cow milking self. Since Oct Emma’s attitude on the ground & under saddle just kept getting worse. Took her off of every hormone to give her ststem a break and allow it to reset naturally.

as everyone knows, NOTHING is ever simple nor not an extremely rare difficult thing with it comes to my pones... so when she milked up again in Feb & started acting like a rogue breeding stud (the kind that needs a lip chain and a nose chain just to get to the paddock.... that was us) .. it was decided to run a super rare & SUPER expensive blood test ran only by UCDAVIS was done... its said that only 2% of the tests ran actually pop positive for Granulosa Cell Tumors

SHOCKer to all I know.... guess who did....

so fast forward to today. She just underwent

surgery to remove both ovaries

(because again why would it only be one)

The Vets are super hopeful that she will make a recovery and to waht extent only time will tell. 

The Moral: My Buddha Belly said that something still wasnt right & I had to fight for my horse. Fight for someone to help her and be her voice since she has NOnE.

Thank you to

Dr Mixon

for listening to me and being my vet. Im so sorry youre stuck with my Misfit Toys & I

& to Dr Dutton, Windy, & Katie of  Hill Country Equine.

without them the Queen of Misfit Toyland

would still be the Stud mare.




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