Glass House Caretaking

Posted by Kristina Juhnke on

I find myself in a bit of an awkwardness. 

On one hand the fact that so many that i don’t even know have stepped up and said we gots you.... & have helped me emotionally is EPiC.  

These are the people who have helped me laugh again and find humor, hence the “Bachelorette” thingy. Its a joke, meant to make all if us laugh and find humor out of a completely unfair hand that life dealt me.  

Also at the same time Ive been Bombarded with comments, Messages, emails, texts, ETC. that is nothing more than hatefulness. Most Ive just deleted, but one that was sent today; I have to say just PiSSeD me off. 

Heres the quote

“Your Horse died, Poor you. Why dont you work for another since your so selfish and just want people to give you money for another horse & you do nothing for no one. Get a Rescue, bond with it and go from there.”


I have NEVER wanted ANYTHING from ANYONE.:.Pitty, Money, or Drama.  The “Bachelorette” thing was meant to make ME laugh, & whoever else read it. 

I Live my truth each and everyday. (Its loud & proud for everyone to see) I help anyone I can everyday that I can. I DONT even live or really interact with most of the Events I sponsor each year... I do it because I can and I want to make others smile.   (Theres SO many pics, notecards, social media posts that get sent to me and i repost them, because I am proud that I can be even a small part of the events FYI in 5yrs over 20K in donations not including my time)

ALL of my animals.. with the exception of Buddha & The Queen are/were “Rescue cases”.   I have NEVER Judged someone by their choice of what breed or where they choose to get their horse or pets. I have BOTH... Im quite sure MOST of us have both. The respect and bond between horse and rider has NOTHING to do with if they are a “rescue” or purchased. (Which BTW most rescue horses have fees which is their price. It might just cover the cost of what the rescue spent caring for them but its still a price) Its how much time is spent between them. The person’s choice also as to where they choose to find their partner. Its not for others to judge or decide.  

  Yes, once Im ready I will be Purchasing a horse of my choosing, & unless I make it public (because lets face me horse shopping is going to be Fricking funny cause I just cant help myself or my word vomit 🤷🏻‍♀️ sometimes) its NO ONES business how much I spend or where I get my next horse. 

In a world that has so much Hate & Violence; why add more toward ANYONE?

I say 


& spend more time worrying about your own glass house before you start throwing rocks.



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