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OK OK....Grab your blanket.... Get your glass of Wine & your Boom Chicka Popcorn... cause we all need to have a talk...

After the sudden loss of the 👑,  I questioned EveRYTHiNG... & even told those closest to me I was done with horses , because i didnt know what I did wrong. 

During those wks of grief & my “anti pony”’stance, I decided that I wanted a job that had NOTHING to do with horses.... so enter the non horse job at SeaWorld San Antonio’s Discovery Point 🐬🐠🐋🦈..... I totally applied from my phone, while enjoying many adult drinks at the Seven Seas food festival at SeaWorld (its the ONLY theme park here 🤷🏻‍♀️) watching the One Ocean show .... Lets face facts I KNoW NOTHING about Marine Animals, except I just wanna cuddle them ALL.

So 7ish wks later i got a call from an “unknown” number and it was an interview there.... went in, was “KJ” in all my LiVE my Truth Glory..... Yup hired.... (NO idea) ... so the day before the interview.... I decided to “Runaway” back to Florida.... while there I concentrated on me, & getting back to me. I even got my Dad & my mom back in my life. (Which is a HuGe feat) & i got to be back with my Barn family & realize 

that its completely true.... if you’re a true crazy horsegirl.... you cant just walk away. Its not an obsession or an addiction.... its my SOUL. Its who i am... i think now that I am not me without the horse; I actually cant function.

I was just angry at everything & everyone. & it wasnt a matter of a horse because i have Momma J’s WonderPony & I LOVE him, I have moved Heaven & Earth to get him exactly what he needed to save him back in 2016; but he isnt “my” horse , he’s Moms & lets just face it.... Hes a LOOKING Pony.... he loves me when i have cookies, tolerates me when i ask him to hack out, but 2-3 times a wk was PuSHInG it... & I just 💖 him anyways!

Moo, Mav, & Emma were mine. They wanted to hack, jump, show, & luckily they were smart enough to take care of us when I was cognitively impaired with my judgements of distances. I lived for them, & most of the time they did me (worming time... yeah not so much).  My whole purpose and world revolves around my Soulhorse(s) & without one I just dont know who I am, and that is the only thing I will ever fear, Not having half of my soul.  I rambled, but I know im not the only one who knows this feeling....

So while home, I rode Marley. I thought the first ride, that it was that first ride back epicness. The 2nd ride, it was butterflies. The 3rd ride... it was a small spark.. like something in me was feeling somewhat mending, and no longer angry.  When I got back to TX, I felt better & i told you guys about my time home & about Marley. He mended something in my soul in those 3-4 rides. I missed him, & the feeling of home he gave me.... & so in true “Chris Harrison” fashion... I went to the bank..... got a loan.... got out my check book.... & asked Marley....

If He would accept this  🥕...... 

Hes given me the half of my Soul back.... he’s given me Wings again... He’s given me.... ME.

Thank you Everyone for Everything.....

So when you see the Mar~licious Marley taking care of me.... I hope each of you can see that hes Moo, Mav, & Emma approved... & how much I 💖 him. I cant WAIT for all of you to meet him!!



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