So the moral of the past 14mths....

Posted by Kristina Juhnke on

So last July literally the Day before my hysterectomy WonderPony Mechanically Foundered... fast forward to Jan 4th 2017... the slow and steady approach wasn't getting it done so a Tendonectomy was needed. The next day he was walking better than he had in 7mths. During the 2 wks he spent at IEP he grew more Hoof than he had in 7mths... the X-rays that were taken the day I brought him home showed no damage or change to the coffin joint or the navicular bone. Fast forward to Sept 05... WonderPony was cleared to start walking under tack. My goal when all this happened was to get him to a point that he could go back out with his friends and not live in a stall in Bandages. I rode him the maiden voyage and here are the pics of Momma J's first ride on him in over a year. We can't thank Dr Sammy Pittman of Innovative Equine Podiatry for saving The WonderPony.... 



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