That moment I didn't shit my pants

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Ok ok people say all the time it's like riding a bike... or that age old saying you gotta get back on the horse....Well let's just say I personally feel whoever said that had lots of drugs or booze or both. 

As everyone knows, I lost my soul horse back in 2015 to a tumor that ruptured his colon, instines, and liver. Moo was amazing and everyone who knew him Loved him. I was devastated (WBC had I sent putting it nicely).... he was my safety blanket; I knew that no matter what he would make it ok, and that was what my life was like for the amazing 12 yrs we spend together. 

2 yrs after his death, other shows with Mav, (he's still corky and special after all these years). I just wanted that safety Blankey... 

Enter Queen Em. (Thanks to my Momma B).

i went to my 1st "Normal" show since 2013, over this past wknd. 

I am happy to report that I had a blast. In fact you can verify with Deb that I said, I jumped around right off the trailer and it felt like old times... I can quit while on top! 

But being the now 35+ amauter rider... I did what we old schoolers call the rusty stirrup division. Literally 3 super strong Minosas, a zanex. And a zonfran in I still wanted to vomit walking in that ring... (that's right .. I'm living my truth for everyone to see) but I survived; 2 rounds in fact... and a hack.... ended up reserve Champion. I never understood why back in 2010 my sister Megan was so excited to be beat 7 yr olds...  I have to say beating 7 yr olds on their perfect welsh ponies was AMAZING!!

(personally I was just happy I didn't shit myself)



  • I love this and can totally relate. Most of the time now I get to the schooling ring and I’m like yea I’m good I need to go home. Hahah and to think year a back o did A/Os. Keep going at ur pace and enjoy every moment. Love ya!!

    Cindy on

  • Love it!! Glad you and Em had a great first outing together! She’s super lovely- though i’m biased b/c she looks so much like my Sunny girl. ;) Glad you’re back in the show ring again, especially w/ a horse that will take care of you. Hugs!

    Gena Rodgers on

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