That old saying....

Posted by Kristina Juhnke on

Remember that saying "Be careful what you say" ... I remember saying to Momma B back during the summer of 2014..."If I owned a mare it would be Emagine."

Well now I own her...

This is a huge batch of feelings and emotions that have finally put that Ninja blender to good use.

Excitement about having a new Ride that is another Super Athlete.

Saddness because I feel like I'm forgetting Moo and moving on.

Scared because I've been out of the reg show scene since we moved to a TX.

Nervous but just a pinch because I've NEVER owned a mare.

 I can't describe in words how thankful I am to my Momma Brenda for her! I also couldn't do this without the continued support of everyone shopping small at KjC!



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