The Bachelorette (Equestrain style)

Posted by Kristina Juhnke on

I never realized just how many people from acroos the world, know of me & have sent so much Love, Good Vibes, & even death threats if I quit riding. Quit trying to be a better Pone mom.

so since i know i just cant do the rebound thing... (man & I SO thought Id never have the dating rebound senerio with pones🤷🏻‍♀️)

i think that giving myself a 6mth timeline to grieve, heal, and remember my 👑. Is a good compromise from me just quiting. 

But we all know i cant just accept handouts (except a good Carb... in that case just toss it so i dont tackle you for it😉)

so in Bachelorette  style.... i hope someone will accept my carrot at the end and be mine for as long as the powers that be allow. 

And well all know that i do love posting videos of all my hotmess adventures 💁🏻‍♀️

I Personally think Chris Harrison should do at least one Carrot Ceremony... 


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