The KJ story

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So I am a Military Spouse & I was a successful Professional in the Equine Industry, but after years of being a PRO with my extremely crazy clients (its true the more money, the more crazy) & just myself running a H/J show barn with only a part time groom, I had a couple of mental breakdowns because I was a "People Pleaser". I started by making Tack trucks, and other tackroom accessories back in 2006 as a "stress" reliever. My therapist told me to make time everyday to build something, while I was transitioning thru the closing of my farm (my choice), & removing the "Crazy" from my life. That led to painting, jewelry making, stenciling,the purchase of a cutter machine (Thank You Matty), & now being able to partner with companies that I truly believe in. (As in I use them)


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