Equine Apothecary

KJ uses her creativity for making all natural products for the 4 legged partners! All natural, made fresh by KJ herself in small batches to guarantee freshness & quality! Does your partner need something special? Let me know so we can create it together!

The word “Apothecary” is meant as in reference to The medieval apothecary as it was the ancestor of the modern GP (general practitioner). In medieval Europe  individuals selling wine, spices and herbs were known as apothecaries. They prepared and sold medicines to physicians and directly to patients.”

Nothing made by KJ is meant to use as medicine, to cure, or anything like that. 


**These items have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.... As Always please do a test site if unsure**

Aces on Tap
From $10.00
Blue Moon Alibi - KJ Creations
From $10.00
Buck U Bug Spray - KJ Creations
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Coat Frosting - KJ Creations
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Gift Card - KJ Creations
From $10.00
Gift wrapping
From $3.00
Mane Tame - KJ Creations
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Pitty Putty
From $18.00