Beard Balm

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Guys we love your beards but we love them even more when they're soft and well maintained!

Beeswax, Shea Butter, & Jojoba Oil in a double Boiler low heat for 3 hrs makes the base for the KjC Beard Balm. Adding the different Essential oils give the Balm properties to take care of the skin underneath, all while being able to tame, sculpt, and care for the facial kevlar you're sporting. 

Made to Order
This is a 2oz size so it's easy to take to take on the road & a little goes along way!

Mint to be: Spearmint/Tea Tree
Trail Ride: Pine Needle/Tea tree
Warm Up Ring: Orange/Peppermint
Mystic Moment: Lavender/Bergamot/lime
Grand Final: Vanilla/Lavender/Patchouli
AfterHours: Bergamot/Lavender
Exacto LS: Lemon/Lavender
Sunday Drive:Lemon Eucalyptus
Artistic Empire: Lavender/Vanilla
Magical Wish: Lime/Orange/Grapefruit
Inner Ninja: Pepermint/Patchouli/Basil
Love Yourself : Sandawood/Ylang Ylang/ Orange
Purple Rain: Chamomile/Lavender/Orange

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