Rhythm bells/Beads Center piece

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Center Pieces for your Rhythm Bells/beads!

Rhythm beads/bells are a colorful necklace for your horse that have bells that jingle in time with your horse's movements. Native Americans used beads and shells to become one with their horses and help protect them from danger.

The gentle tinkling sound of the bells has been shown to calm a spooky horse as well as help you and your horse to have an even rhythm.
Rhythm beads are also great for signaling your presence on trail rides when in the woods so a hunter doesn't mistake you for a deer or a deer mistakes you as a hunter­čśĆ

Please don't leave your horse unattended while it is wearing it's rhythm beads/bells..just sayin


Mini 35 inches
Pony 45 inches
Horse 55 inches
Draft 65 inches

Color options are endless pick one from the list or pick the custom option and let me know what colors!

Bell color silver or gold