Small Tack Trunk

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**SPECIAL ORDER only!! Please email or message for info**


Trunks are built, stained,& sealed by me when ordered. Roughly 3-4wks from date of order to ship day!

Trunks are all assembled using wood screws, not staples or a nail gun to ensure the quality & longevity of the box. I build them to last.. My oldest and the 1st one I built is 11yrs old. (It's the 2nd one pictured). I'm not a professional woodworker but I do my best & they work for me and I get lots of compliments on them at shows!

The price is a Basic Small trunk 32"x18"x18" including a Sliding wood tray ($350) .. $66 for the UPS Store packing fee (I want to make sure it gets to you safely) & $200 for the UPS ground shipping difference between USPS shipping price....which is how the total price is calculated...

 Options for the trunks are Available for an additional fee

Its UPS ground shipped in packaging 38in x 25in x 25in  in size, with actual weight of 50lbs. 

Any questions please let me know