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A must have in your vet kit! It’s versatile and practical use means it can be used to treat multiple hoof problems.

The Tubbease Hoof Sock is a rubber-dipped sock that can be used as a remedy for multiple aliments of the hoof, such as thrush, abscess, injuries, cracks, thin sole, and more. The soft conforming sock reduces the risk of skin chafing, and includes a Velcro fastener for easy application and re-use.

Bruised heel? Abscess? Need a poultice? Laminitis? Seedy toe? Thrush? Thin soles? Or general damaged hooves? Tubbease has you covered!

Designed by a New Zealand farrier, the tubbease boot solves multiple problems without ‘stewing’ the foot due to the sock being breathable.


  • Multiple purpose hoof aid
  • "Breathes" to prevent damaged hoof from going soft during treatment
  • Can be used for thrush, abscess, seedy toe, thin sole, injuries, cracks, or general deterioration
  • Washable and reusable
  • Optional EVA sole pad insert can be used to relieve pain and extend the life of the sock

Item Specifications:

Small (Pink): 4.25"
Medium (Red): 5.5"
Large (Blue): 6"
X-Large (Orange): 6.5"

Note: Sizes listed are the approximate maximum hoof width that will fit inside the Tubbease base.