Tubbease Sole Insert

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Tubbease Sole Insert
 Tubbease Sole Insert is made to be used inside the Shires Tubbease Hoof Sock. It helps relieve pain of sore feet and extends the life of  the Tubbease sock. Sold as single insert.
  • Thick EVA sole pad
  • Provides additional comfort to your horse
  • Helps extend the life your Tubbease sock
Item Specifications:
Small (Pink color) - 4.25"
Medium (Red color) - 5.5" 
Large (Blue color) - 6"
X-Large (Orange color) - 6.5"
(Please Note: Sizes listed are approximate and are the maximum internal diameter of the Tubbease base.)


A must have in your vet kit! It’s versatile and practical use means it can be used to treat multiple hoof problems.