Unicorn Hardware: Spur Bracelet/Bangle

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So the KjC Iconic Spur Bracelet....

for the 🦄Unicorn Hardware🦄 line!

This piece is definitely a topic starter among Equestrians. Made from an actual English spur, by hand. I was the 1st in the US to make these!! Sizing of wrist is slightly adjustable. Please when ordering put your "loose" wrist size in the comments

The Unicorn coloring is done by scorching the Titanium... so “chipping” color isnt a thing with the UH line! Neither is having a cooycat because no TWO pieces are the same!!! Each piece of the line is as unique as the wearer!!! Be BOLD Be YOUrSELF!! 

(KJ was the 1st designer of Rainbow gear in the US)